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Welcome to Massy Soups

I’m J. David Riva and I am happy to share with you the culinary world and artistry of my traditional homemade soups. Meet my Grandmother Massy (Left). Of course, some knew her better as “The Blue Angel” or as a war hero, but most knew her simply as Marlene and some knew her as a glamorous legend of the silver screen. But to me, she has always been my Massy. She got the nickname when my eldest brother, Michael, had difficulty saying Marlene when he was very little, and his innocent mispronunciation stuck. I decided to call the company Massy Soups to reflect the culture and traditions of my family and its experiences with food, specifically in Europe and Eastern Europe.  I’ve been making these ever since I hovered over my mother's stove and then spent my first summer in Paris with my grandmother as a child, where she taught me how she cooked and introduced me to the culinary traditions of France. That was followed up by another 40 years cooking with her and my mother, Maria Riva, who in many ways is the reason we're here today. I’d now like to introduce the rest of the world to these deliciously intoxicating and healing soups. Both these women did much to help change the world, both in peacetime and at war. This company is dedicated to them, and their most important message: "Food is love". Welcome to Massy Soups!