Tell Us About Your Grandma

David giving flowers to his Massy
I've met many Grammys, Nanas, Grannys, Omas, Bubbes, Babus and so many other beautiful examples of the endless variations on the name "Grandmother" throughout my life, but I've only ever known one Massy.

When I started Massy Soups it began as a way for me to continue an age-old family tradition rooted deep within myself and as a way for me to pay homage to the incredible forces in my life - my mom, Maria, of course, and my grandmother, Massy. Neither of these women were anything but real loving, nurturing, educating, and generous woman whom I personally knew and loved.

I strive each day to continue celebrating my family's legacy and these soups have helped me share their spirit of endless generosity. As Massy Soups continues to expand,
I hope that it can serve as a space to celebrate amazing women, not only in my family but celebrate all the amazing mothers and grandmothers everywhere.

I've shared my story and I'm interested to know yours. What did you call your grandmother and how do you celebrate her today? Let us know.
Every month we will be picking one Mom or Grandmother to honor on our social media pages.