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Beef Tea (requires 48-hour notice. You must call (310) 754-9576 and order it two days in advance.)

Invented by the vast Jewish culture in Europe for centuries, this is not technically a soup, but a curative broth. For anyone run down by stress or illness (especially Chemotherapy) this broth gently but effectively restores a wide range of digestible vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to the body. It is also used in cases when nausea is a problem as it is fully digestible. The “Broth” is rather bland but adding sea-salt, a little parsley and a small amount of finely ground pepper makes it delicious. Each cup is the equivalent of eating to 2-3 lbs. of high-quality steak without the fat or other heavy, indigestible ingredients or fiber. We serve it in Pint Containers, which is TWO portions. This stuff is powerful. My Grandmother regularly delivered this in thermoses to her co-workers on every move she ever made. 

We Provide Parsley, as a Garnish.

Grade A Prime Sirloin Steak Broth

1 Pint $35
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