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Classic Chicken Soup

This soup takes 8 hours to make. When it comes to a true Chicken Soup, you can't rush it! As a child I remember my grandmother and mother having pots of boiling chickens on the stove all the time. It was hot in the kitchen! But the result was worth it - a rustic and hearty soup with all the benefits of a soothing rich broth (rich in collagen), tender poached Chicken and healthy Vegetables - a soup with enough heft to make it a main meal. Made with the very best and freshest ingredients. This is adapted from my Great Grandmother's recipe.

We include Parsley as a garnish.

Whole Fresh free-range Chickens, Chicken Stock/Broth, Carrots, Onions, Celery, Fresh Thyme, Fresh Oregano, Spices, Butter, Sea Salt, Ground Pepper, and Cloves.

1 Pint $14.99

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