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Sweet Split Pea

This soup is all about the unique flavor combination of Honey Glazed Ham and fresh peas. The absolute BEST ingredients make this a perfect soup. Inspired by my mother, when the family returned to America in the 70's, our family came to know the famous bone-in Baked Ham with a Honey Glaze. While there were plenty of smoked meats in Europe, this American Classic ham style was a thing of unique beauty. Seeing a perfect opportunity to utilize the leftovers and the large bone, she added fresh peas and created a Sweet Pea soup. The result is a very nutritious soup that is sweet and hearty, and very kid friendly! The Honey Ham is actually blended into the soup!

We provide Honey Ham Pieces for extra richness.

Sweet Peas, Yellow Onion, Butter, Garlic, Salt, Baked Honey Ham, Wild Honey, Spices, and Ham Broth/Stock.

1 Pint $14.99
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