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Meet the Founder

Riva is a true modern-day renaissance man and has had his hand in just about every artistic endeavor imaginable, at one point or another. His list of accomplishments includes becoming an associate producer on Broadway, working on both stage and television productions aswell as working as an agent at one of the world's largest talent agencies ICM. Here David represented a number of musical groups, actors, writers, and producers.

Eventually, he made the move out west to sunny Hollywood California, just as his Grandmother had done decades earlier in the 1930s, where he became the Head of Talent for the prestigious Lantz Office talent agency. Here David soared to new heights working with celebrity clients. His impressive roster included the likes of Bette Davis, The Tennessee Williams Estate, Michael Jackson and many more. David parlayed his vast 32-year experience working as a top talent agent in Los Angeles by retiring from agent life and tackling the new adventure of starting his own company “Associated Producers Group, Inc.” concentrating on Branding and International Licensing. Under his leadership and creative direction at APG Inc.

David produced seven films, directed two, and wrote five, including the critically acclaimed documentary highlighting the life of his Grandmother: “Marlene Dietrich: Her Own Song” and his biographical book on Marlene Dietrich, the winner of the 2010 Hoffner Prize for Literature, “A Woman at War”. Today David works in assisting a major corporation involved in the restaurant business in LA and continues to work freelance wherever and whenever his talents lend themselves to a new creative endeavor (so long as it’s interesting)! David is a true creative and though this list of accomplishments is long it is but only a small fraction of David’s wide range of achievements that remains forever growing. David lives in Los Angeles, California with his Husband Darren, two dogs: Einstein & Mickey and his hive of honey bees.