The Legend of the Thermos

Soup and thermoses go together like movies and popcorn, but what makes Massy Soup thermoses so special? These custom Stanley brand thermoses made just for Massy Soups continue a decades-old family tradition. Our founder J. David Riva grew up surrounded by thermoses. His Grandmother Massy, an avid cook, would bring multiple classic style Stanley thermoses with her wherever she went: to work on movie sets, on holiday, and on tour. They were always full of various piping hot soups which she would generously give out to her friends, family, and coworkers whenever someone wasn’t feeling well or simply just to cheer them up with a hearty meal.  Famous actors, Directors, Designers, Generals, and more have enjoyed these soups out of her thermoses. David has carried on his family tradition and continues not only making these mouth-watering soups but also bringing them with him wherever he goes so that they can be enjoyed by his friends, family, and anyone else that may need them. In the spirit of Massy, give the gift of soup on the go!